Working With Schools

As an artist I provide:
  • Art Interventions for Building Confidence
  • Art advice for subject leaders
  • Whole School Art Projects

I provide friendly, personalised, professional support for both pupils and staff.

Art Interventions for Confidence

I run art interventions designed to build confidence in pupils and have worked alongside staff to help improve attendance, boost confidence and help pupils with anxiety issues.

Interventions sessions are to your specifications. I have designed a programme that uses art to encourage children find agency, develop social skills and increase self esteem. Past projects have culminated in art exhibitions with parents/carers, peers, staff and visiting artists in attendance, but can also be more low key and end with a quiet celebration and the presentation of a framed piece of work they've created during our time. I have received feedback from schools that interventions have had a positive effect in all areas of school life and throughout the curriculum. Please contact me for testimonials.

I always provide schools with a PDF summary of the interventions based around your objectives and proposed outcomes. 

About Me

I'm qualified in Secondary Art & Design in 2002 and have been a teacher & art lead in primary schools for twenty years. I have worked as an artist since 2019 and as a full time professional artist since 2022 . As part of my wider art business, I provide workshops, courses and consultancy in and out of the public sector and deliver in-school art intervention programmes.

Working in schools as art lead, I booked a lot of artists and makers to come in and provide art experiences for pupils. I have a good working understanding of what makes a really successful visit from the school's point of view. 

I work with you prior to  my visit to understand your requirements and can tailor my support to your curriculum, your pupils and your staff needs. I can provide you with plans and proposals detailing how your objectives will be met so you feel supported and confident prior to my visit. Following our work together, I can send you a document to show progress and and to celebrate outcomes and achievements (see below for examples).

Having worked as a teacher, I understand and appreciate the importance of making sure the children are getting the best educational experiences, and showing evidence to support that vision. I can do that for you, taking the pressure off the staff. I'm also more than happy to organise celebrations of pupils' work, can create art exhibitions in school and speak to parents and visitors.

Art Provision for Staff in Schools

I can offer the following:

  • Whole School CPD
  • Develop confidence with art skills: drawing, painting, seven elements of art, print making, sculpture, assessment of art, structuring lessons, using sketchbooks effectively, colour and composition.
  • Enriching your art curriculum: managing progression in art, assessment, lesson structure, organisation, building on your school's existing areas of expertise, planning, providing cultural diversity, preparing for deep dives, working one to one with non specialist art leads.
  • Both in house sessions and specially organised off-site art workshops and courses can be arranged.

 All work will be individually tailored to your school's needs.

 Art Provision for Pupils

I can offer:

  • Specialist workshops and classes in drawing and painting and mixed media. I can also work with print and sculpture and to your specific curriculum requirements.
  • Small group or whole school workshops
  • Art interventions for confidence and well being 
  • Flexibility with timings
  • Meaningful projects that provide the school with excellent outcomes and follow up with written and pictorial evidence of pupil's achievements.


If you're interested in booking me to visit your school or would like me to provide off-site training, please contact me on 07500 960022 or email on 

Recent Whole School Project (October 2023)

Examples from a Recent Portraiture Intervention: