Themes and Concepts:

There’s something to explore in the dichotomy between the control we are free to relinquish and that we are not.

Rebecca's work looks at relationships with change and control, within the boundaries of the work made and specifically referencing public space. It is often a mix of urban and natural: plants, architecture, space, and movement. Aspects of our public space exist as a patchwork across the UK and build a narrative of experience in how we interact it.

Through reflection on the experience of changing environments, research has led to consider structural and decorative change and look more deliberately at pattern and architecture within the work. During the making process, the painted pieces go through considerable change, with materials being added and removed in layers with the final washing stage revealing the final outcome.

Change can be quick and obvious or can go unnoticed. It can be classed as deterioration or patina. The question of how and why our space changes, and the effect on us, is something Rebecca is exploring: the marks that remain, both the physical ones and the memory marks. 

Current Projects, 2024:

Collaborative project with Matthew Goymer, Birmingham Silversmith. Based on Rotund Relief, a large semi-public art piece that wraps the core of the Rotunda building in Birmingham. 


To design and commission a silver panel (roughly 8cm x 4cm) inspired by Rotunda Relief by John Poole. I plan to work with Birmingham silversmith, Matthew Goymer, to make the panel.  The finished artwork will be hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay Office.

Project Description

The removal and repositioning of post war Modernist architecture and public art is happening in our cities at breakneck speed. In Birmingham there is ongoing contention around this change and how it impacts shared space. I am interested in documenting a piece of public art that has been at risk in the past, is currently protected from demolition but has greatly change in appearance and how it occupies space.

Rotunda Relief, is a grade II listed relief that wraps the core of The Rotunda building, spanning two floors. It was originally commissioned in 1963 for Lloyds Banking Hall. More than half of it was removed from sight by the Bullring development in 2000s and is permanently covered. The visible part can be seen if you visit the second floor of Zara and look past the clothes rails. It remains an exciting piece of art.

By looking at a piece of public art that cannot be removed, I am questioning how it interacts with its space, for now.


Events will be more limited from '23- '24 due to other projects. If you would like me to take part in an event, please contact me with details.


Nov 17th-19th: Discover Gather Give Contemporary Arts Fair, Stratford Town Hall.

 May 11th-14th: RHS Malvern Spring Festival, Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Country Living Pavilion.

May 28th-29th: Open Studio, Pebworth Open Gardens

June 9th - 11th: Broadway Arts Festival. artBEAT Marquee, Village Green

June 22nd - 25th: Blenheim Flower Show Pavilion

August 5th - 6th: Art in the Park, Leamington

November 17th - 19th: Contemporary Arts Fair, Discover Gather Give, Stratford Town Hall


Events 2022:

Feb: Secret Studio Sale, Wren's Hall, Warwickshire

April: Art Pop Up, Bredon's Norton Village Hall 

May: Blue Magpie Art Fair, Elmslie House Malvern

June: Warwickshire Open Studios

August: Art in the Park, Leamington Spa

October: Secret Studio Art Festival, Warwick

December: Pershore Art Fair, Pershore

Jan 2023: Secret Studio Sale, Wren's Hall, Warwickshire